this release will build a ton of awareness.

like i could ever take a day off during the holidays.
so. important.

Industry trends.

I’ve worked with [insert journalist name] before.
This gets said way too often by PR types. “Worked with?” Really? Did you sign an agreement? Perhaps a statement of - wait for it - work? Was money exchanged for services or goods? Did either party issue an invoice? If you can’t answer yes to any of the above, it ain’t work. You helped them. Absolutely. More clearly, you helped them help yourself and your client, product, expert, whatever. And there’s nothing wrong with calling it what it is: help. Not work.

things are just insane.


i just know this would make an incredible story for your blog!
Really!?!? Thanks!

My blackberry is my life
Blackberry? Do you work for the government?

PR pro, social media gal.

we need to own the dialog.
(isn’t that sort of a paradox?)

Is it 5 o’clock yet?

I just love people

New: Kodak Gallery’s Andriod App ranks Top 10 in the AMAZON Appstore
Not a journalist, but a pitch subject line… to a staff writer at… wait for it… MacWorld. Because they love covering Android….

Calling me “Kat” in your email greeting line ≠ the best way to attract my attention.
Said by a journalist, not a PR person. Journalist’s name is Kit. He’s a guy. Probably worth knowing before emailing.